My First Day in Africa

Alexis Lenderman
Majors: Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Leadership
University of Cape Town, South Africa

After a 3-day layover in London (which was supposed to be an 11-hourlaundry layover because we missed our flight), we finally made it to Cape Town! Once we got off the plane we tried to figure out how to get to our housing and/or the University of Cape Town. With extremely limited WiFi, we were able to get on my email and get my professor’s number who is here with us in South Africa.

We found out that UCT only picks us up from the airport on Thursday and Friday (we arrived on Saturday), so we needed to get a taxi. To be safe, we used a registered taxi rather than one of the unmarked taxis on the street. Thank goodness I had the address printed off so we can use that to get to our housing!

After this, we exchanged about a $100 (USD) worth of money into South African Rand which came up to about $1580 Rand! Tkitchenhere was a $4 (USD) fee for the transaction but it was very easy. Once we got to the house we are staying in, our professor and landlord met us there soliving room we could get into the house and get settled in. There are two houses with about 20 people total (including myself and Mikelah) which we met within the first half hour or so of arriving.

After getting to our room we all decided to go out to lunch together to Thai Café where I had some AMAZING chicken pad Thai! While there, we got to know each other a bit (where we are from, grade, major, etc.). Once we finished eating, we all went to Pick n Pay, which is the local grocery store where we purchased some necessities (shampoo, soap, food, etc.)

We decided to get an Uber for the ride back to the house since it is quite a distance to walk with all of the goods. The Uber came up to only about $3 (USD)!!! The first day in South Africa was a success!! We even have wifi in our house!

Mountain - feat pic



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