First Days in the South of France

Emily Chocron

Major: Marketing

IAU College, Aix-en-Provence, France


Communicating with home:

I have an international plan through Sprint but Sprint does not work out here. I hear T-Mobile is the best in France. I have communicated with friends and family right when I got here. I have mostly been using Facebook to talk to my mother and a couple friends from home. I also have been using some other social media apps to keep in touch with friends.  As long as I have WiFi, and most places do have WiFi around here, I can keep in contact with my family. I don’t plan on being on my phone all that much besides for taking pictures of scenery so I am not too worried.


Initial fears…conquered!

My biggest fear initially was that I did not know much French or anything at all. I was worried that I will have trouble communicating to people around here. The good thing is IAU has English speaking professors so you know exactly what they are saying. Another thing I was really nervous about is that I won’t make any friends. I am the only one here from Western Michigan University. A lot of people had several other students from their home university. I have been here two days and I have already made a ton of friends. People are in the same situation as me as they do not know a ton of people. I came here knowing nobody! Luckily a lot of my friends that I have made here the past day know some French and can do some translating.



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