I miss London dearly

Cassie Hess
Media Ethics in London
Film, Video, and Media Studies major

As this year comes to a close I can honestly say that the best part was getting to study in London. I miss all of it, and in some ways I wish that I didn’t come back. Yes, I missed my family, and I still had school to finish, and a job to come back to, but boarding the plane to come back home was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done; mostly because it felt like I was leaving my home behind me.

Leaving London
Leaving London

I miss the culture. Getting to see someone playing the bagpipes while wearing a kilt, an ACDC t-shirt, and converse is hard to find in the U.S., but so too is the number of languages that you could hear just along the walk from the dorms to class. I was in one city, but it felt like I had traveled the entire world. Everywhere you looked there was media. For someone who has never been to a large city, this was fascinating. It plastered the cars, the tube trains, the double-decker buses, the buildings, it was never-ending and beautiful. I miss the city culture, I miss British culture, and I most certainly miss the counter-culture. London is an edgy place; more so than history and pop culture would have you believe. The old and the new work side by side to create something brand new, a little unusual, and inspiring. I could wander that city every day for a year and I bet I could come up with 365 new stories to write, or films to produce. It is by far the most inspirational place I have ever laid eyes on.

Someone playing the bagpipes while wearing a kilt, an ACDC t-shirt, and converses
Someone playing the bagpipes while wearing a kilt, an ACDC t-shirt, and converses

Culture is the main thing I have trouble finding here back in the U.S. that I was surrounded with in London, but I miss pretty much everything else too. The food for one. If you ever find yourself in London, do yourself a favor and try Nando’s, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and the Hare and Tortoise restaurants before you leave; trust me you won’t regret it. The day I get back to London these are the first places I plan on going.

I also miss how connected everything was. The Tube system is by far one of my favorite things about London. I could go literally anywhere in the city in a matter of minutes, and it didn’t matter where I was, if I could find a tube stop I could find my way home. It made a foreign city that is actually very large, feel like I could hold it in the palm of my hand, and having that kind of confidence, especially in a new place, is priceless.

I’m sure if I wrote about all of the things that I miss about London it would end up as a novel, but I can’t end this blog without mentioning a couple more things. London would definitely not be the same without my classmates. I didn’t get to know all of them very well, but I did make a friend for life from this trip, and a lot of really great acquaintances. I know that one day I will go back to London, but the chances of being there with all of my classmates again are pretty nonexistent. I miss being able to walk down the hall and hang out in each other’s dorms. I miss exploring the city for the first time with them by my side. Whether it was all of us as a group, or a subset of us, we had some pretty grand adventures, and made some pretty remarkable memories. And for the adventures that we weren’t apart of, there were always the stories waiting for us when we got back to the dorm, or as we made our way to class the next morning. The people that you travel with have more of an impact on your trip than you may realize. I definitely didn’t expect that I would get close to anyone, or even maintain contact when we got back, but that kind of a journey isn’t one that you can make alone, and I am certainly glad that I didn’t.

London roomies
London roomies

Of all the things that I miss, I have to say the one that hit me right away was the view from my dorm room. My first morning back I woke up in my room, and the image of my London dorm room, and the window with the brick wall that lay beyond it, that I saw each morning was superimposed on my eyes, and then I blinked and it all disappeared. It hit me then that even when I do go back, I will probably never be in that same building let alone in that same room again. That was a hard pill to swallow. I miss London dearly, and I still wish I had never left, but sometimes you have to leave before you realize just how much it all meant to you.

London dorm room
London dorm room

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