Time and Money Management

Roqhaelle Parr-Besemer
Heredia, Costa Rica though ISA
Major: Advertising and Promotion

Time and money management are important! My friends and I travel almost every weekend to do something. We have gone to beaches, the mountains and to Panama so far, with more to come, and these are not included in the price we already paid. I manage by going out less during the week and avoiding expensive food, so that I can use the money I save for trips and experiences. I have gone zip lining on the longest zip line in Latin America, done the highest Tarzan swing in the region, gone snorkeling in Panama and had surf lessons, all on a budget of $150 per week, which is how much I saved for ahead of time to afford extras.

Preparing to zipline!
Preparing to zipline!

Additionally, I have to be careful to take care of my classes as well. There is a lot more homework here than I am used to. I have two classes with 15 page research papers this semester, but back home I have only been assigned two ever. I also have a “short” reaction paper to a 25ish page reading due every week. In the states, a reaction paper means a page at most, at least in my experience. Here it is 2-3 pages… every week. I also have a number of projects and presentations. Since I am gone every weekend basically, it can get difficult. I am careful to finish my homework during the week, even if my friends are going out four times in the week (many of them do there homework last minute and with a lot more stress). Manage your time and money with a budget and a schedule so you don`t go broke or fail your classes, but still get the full experience!


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