Q and A With An Alum

Lexus Ramsey- Study Abroad Alumni
Communication Studies
Media Ethics in London & German Business and Culture

Q) Where did you study abroad and when?

A) I’m a two-time study abroad participant. I was a part of the Media Ethics & Culture in London program in the summer of 2014. I was also a part of the German Business and Culture/Global Negotiation Program in the Summer of 2015. Some of the notable cities I visited included London, Bath, Berlin, Cologne, and Paris.

Q) What did you learn through your study abroad?

A) During my London study abroad program I learned about British media. Specifically, regulations, events, and global discourses. I participated in educational workshops at the BBC, the Guardian Newspaper, and Isobar Digital Ad Agency. In Germany, I learned about the political and economical systems in Germany.  Additionally, I learned about business practices and etiquette that are essential to be successful when doing business with German companies. I also participated in workshops at Volkswagen AG, Toni Jost Winery, and Berliner Kindle Brewery.

Downtown Bath, Media Ethics in London, Photo Contest 2015, by Jessica Jarret.
Downtown Bath, Media Ethics in London, Photo Contest 2015, by Jessica Jarret.

Q) Where are you now and what are you doing?

A) I am currently living in the metro Detroit area. I am considering several job offers from various Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, I am currently an Intern for the Detroit Lions for the 2015 Football season. At the completion of the internship I plan on starting at one of the companies that have offered me employment. They all involved relocation opportunities which I’m very excited about. Studying abroad has rid me of the fear of relocation.

Q) How has study abroad played a role in your career?  Or your future career?

A) I had the opportunity to visit and learn about various companies that I someday would love to work for. I appreciated the international footprint they have made and would love work in International Business Development or Marketing. Most of all, I want to work for a multinational corporation where I can have the chance to work with employees from all over the world.

Q) What skill that you learned through study abroad makes you a valuable employee?

A) Because of study abroad I have become better at communicating across cultures and working with people from different backgrounds. This is big when working on team projects for a diverse company. I have a better understanding of different countries business practices, etiquettes, and economic systems which is important when doing business in different countries.   Lastly, studying abroad helps push your boundaries. I can now adapt and navigate in new and difficult challenges with ease and poise.

Q) What advice do you have for students about study abroad?

A) Culture shock can definitely effect your study abroad experience, and there’s really no way to avoid it. However, I think a lot of students struggle with accepting that different places and people are different from their own homes and themselves.  We often classify things that we aren’t used to as weird. I think it’s important that we instead recognize them as different and we should appreciate those differences. Being open and understanding will allow you to enjoy your experience more. Also, get out and meet the locals, some of my best experiences abroad were with the local people I interacted with.

A tour of Lacock Abbey, Media Ethics in London, Photo Contest 2015, by Jessica Jarret.
A tour of Lacock Abbey, Media Ethics in London, Photo Contest 2015, by Jessica Jarret.

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