Lindsey Tersigni
John Cabot University- Rome, Italy
Major: Interdisciplinary Health Services



If Italy is known for anything, it’s for her cuisine. Now that I’ve been here for little over a month, I’ve done my fair share of dining out, and let me say, I haven’t had a single dish here that I didn’t like. The food here is on a different level than any Italian restaurant you’d find back home in the States. For starters, the food here is actually fairly simple, the staple pasta’s and meat dishes aren’t made from some extravagant, meticulous and insanely difficult recipe. More often that not, I’ve found them to be quite simple, yet extremely delicious.

One of the best dishes I’ve had would be gnocchi with red sauce and mussels. And that’s literally  potato filled gnocchi, a simple tomato red sauce with some garlic and basil, topped off with steamed mussels. Simple right! But EXTREMELY delicious.

Pizza in Italy is also completely different from what I’m used to in the States. Pizza back home is a medley of greasy, cheesy, thickly breaded goodness. In Italy, it couldn’t be more different. Rather than a thick crust, the pizza itself is thin to the max…like super super thin crusted, almost cracker like depending on the place you go. It’s also not as cheesy, or greasy as it is back home. Toppings here vary from zucchini to eggplant, to anchovies to salmie and sparsely cover the pizza. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still delicious, just very different from what I’m used to. Also:  People here don’t slice. You get a whole pizza and eat it with a fork and knife for dinner, and if you eat with your hands, you will get some odd looks.

Another difference about the food here is how fresh it is, when I go to the market (Yes, the market) I get fresh fruits and vegetables weekly, and it’s really inexpensive too. One of my go to veggies here is zucchini (I highly recommend sauteing it and throwing it in with some garlic and angle hair pasta…it’s pretty fantastic), I bought three of them this week for what amounted to 1 US dollar. I can’t get over how fresh everything is, most of the produce is grown right outside of the city and brought in for the markets weekly! I absolutely adore this because the produce tastes so fresh

Well, all this talk of food is making me hungry…time to whip up some lunch for myself!

Caio per addesso!


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