The Final Countdown!

By: M Ledbetter
Keio University
Major: Japanese

I’ll probably be asked why I started this blog but only 25 days before I’m going abroad, but I think the answer is in the question itself.  I’m going abroad in 25 days. I can’t believe it even though I say it nearly every day. The time, work, and stress that has been put into getting here is finally paying off, and although it’s not over yet, I wouldn’t have believed myself if I had heard one year ago that I’d  be going to Tokyo.

I think a lot of the study abroad experience is in the pre-departure stage, not only because of the stress but you feel like you’re already 10,000 miles away from your friends and family. You sort of brace yourself for impact before it’s even here, and sometimes I fear that I’ll let up just when impact strikes.  But that isn’t something I should worry about, right? I’m still here. I have people to comfort me, and advisers to go to, so why do I feel like I’m already fending for myself in a country that is not my home?

To contradict what I just said, at the same time I am also feeling anxious and ready to get up and go.  I feel like I’ve waited for so long, and being around familiarity each day is only making me more impatient.  I want to go, I want to fly away until  I reach this long wanted destination.  My friends and advisers can’t help me with this step, and I’m ready to take it full force.

Going into this I didn’t think I could do it, but if I were to talk to my past self I would tell them to be strong, confident, and know that in the end it’s all worth it.

Transition. Doctors visits. 2 hour drives in every direction. Paperwork. Scholarships. Summer classes. Living away from home. Moving back home. Packing. Injections.

Yes. These are all things I’m dealing with right. now.  Things that I also probably wouldn’t have believed were things I could handle. But I’m doing it. I would tell my past self that believing does like a soap box quote but it’s probably one of the only things that got me here. Believing in myself. Believing in my choices, my friends, and my value.

I’m here. I’ve made it. Time to move on to my next goal.

Taken by M Ledbetter
Taken by M Ledbetter

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