Taylor St. Louis
Western Roots of Interior Design- Greek Influence
Major: Interior Design

Nafplio, Greece by Taylor St. Louis
Nafplio, Greece by Taylor St. Louis

The weather in Greece is always so perfect and the beach is never more than a 10 minute cab ride. I will miss this as I return to Kalamazoo. I will also miss being able to walk anywhere. One-day we walked around so long we ended up at a three story H&M! There’s no walking to shopping back home.  I’ll also miss all the fresh food. Everything in Greece is local and fresh and Greece has delicious tomatoes you can’t find in the states.  I’ll miss being able to trust everyone. Maybe it is Greek culture but the only people that do harm are the tourists and the locals are some of the kindest people I have ever met.

I was most excited about coming home and not seeing so many stray dogs. All the stray dogs in Greece are hard to watch. They are well taken care of I never saw a sick or hungry stray in Greece but when you meet a dog (or cat) in the “wild” the fact is these animals are domesticated. They just are. You will never see a squirrel run up to you, give you their paw then roll over to have his belly rubbed. That’s why I am looking forward to not running into these dogs anymore because I want to take them all home. They are so loving and they would be a great addition to my little family. It’s nice to be in the states and know the dogs I see have a home.

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  1. Lovely post … Muchly enjoyed


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