Communication Failures

Taylor St. Louis
Western Roots of Interior Design- Greek Influence
Major: Interior Design

For anyone traveling abroad I would recommend you take cash out to exchange when you get to your destination country. I did not- I was scared to carry that much cash on me through the airports and that was a big mistake. When I got to the airport in Athens, Greece my card was immediately declined. Of course I told the bank I was traveling so that was my first communication failure. Before I panic I choose to wait until I get to the hotel and I will call my bank and figure it out then.

This is where it all began. Of course I cannot call my bank I am out of the country. I walk down the streets of Athens for the first time on my own and I buy a calling card. I am proud of myself for purchasing this all on my own (the cashier spoke English). Oops.. This calling card is in Greek and you can only use it on a landline.

I spent the rest of the night between the hotel lobby and my room, getting directions in English, heading to my room, then lobby, then room, and this went on until I was in tears. This isn’t just a communication failure- I am in a different country with about 20 euros and there is NOTHING I can do about it. The frustration sinks in.  I am trying to speak to my mom but the Wi-Fi is cutting in and out and she cannot understand me. I don’t know what to do at this point. I am so scared.

In the end my mom was able to talk the bank into unlocking my account and I was able to use an ATM.  Everything always works out. I need to remind myself this more often.

Hydra Island, Greece by Taylor St. Louis
Hydra Island, Greece by Taylor St. Louis
Me petting cats Hydra Island, Greece
Me petting cats Hydra Island, Greece

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