Lindsey Tersigni
John Cabot University- Rome, Italy
Major: Interdisciplinary Health Services

Caio Tutti!!

Well, here it is! Exactly one week from today I will be boarding a plane and on my way to my newest adventure: Italy!! It’s insane to think that a week from now I will be leaving absolutely EVERYTHING I know to go to a country I’ve only dreamed about visiting. And the scariest part about it all: I have done absolutely no packing for my trip yet…but I figure I still have some time..Right?

Packing/travel responsibilities aside, it’s been a crazy busy summer so it’s hard to believe that this trip is finally happening!  I still haven’t hit the “Freak out” point yet.  I’m not too worried about traveling, although I have made a point to NOT watch any of the “Taken” movies (Which seem to be playing on at least one channel every time I turn the T.V.) I more of  have this nervous energy that I’m not sure what to do with (I should prolly put it all toward packing but I doubt that will happen).

Other than my lack of motivation in the packing department, this week is going to be insanely busy. Between trying to find time to fit in all my family and friends throughout the week, finish my summer courses at WMU, finalize my traveling arrangements, and schedule a post departure freak out, I’m swamped!  Time really isn’t on my side this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to see all who I need to see before taking off till December!

So, all that being said, there’s really not a whole lot left to tell…so I think that will be the end of my first blog post. Thanks for reading! I promise it’ll get better once I have things to write about 🙂

To the sea! by Lindsey Tersigni


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