Pre- Departure

Taylor St. Louis
Western Roots of Interior Design- Greek Influence
Major: Interior Design

I leave for Athens, Greece in one week. Everyone says you have to travel to another country because it is such a life changing experience and I can’t help but wonder what makes it so life changing. Is it going to be scary? Will I be so scared and out of my element that I will immediately grow up and become a stronger braver person? Is it that this experience will be so much fun that I will never have so much fun ever again?  Do other parts of the world have all the answers to my life questions? I just wonder what this experience holds that is so life changing. And I hope that I let myself experience enough to actually change my life.

At this point I am scared to leave. I am only going for two weeks but it’s the longest plane ride I’ve ever been on and the longest I’ve been away. What if I don’t like it in Greece? What if I don’t get to do anything I want to do and it’s all school?

All these fears are beginning to cross my mind as my departure date creeps closer and closer. I have never packed for two weeks; what if I forget something I need and Greece doesn’t have it or no one can understand what I am asking? All these worries and fears going through my head right now.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece by Taylor St. Louis
The Acropolis in Athens, Greece by Taylor St. Louis

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