Questions, Questions.

Nicholas Newman
Universidad de Burgos
Major: Behavioral Science Psychology, Philosophy

1.) How did you decide the location of your study abroad?  What factors played a role in your decision?

My reasons for going to Spain are simple: 1) I am in love with ethnic food, 2) I have an incredible knack for making outrageous decisions last minute and 3) I appreciate the language and its culture which invokes a strong desire to develop fluency for me. The main factors involved in my decision making process were pretty basic actually, I wanted to visit the birthplace of the Spanish language to “hear it from the horses mouth,” or so the expression goes.

2.) What are your biggest fears about your upcoming study abroad?

I am scared of everything actually, it is as if the whole world may collapse around me based on this decision. This, however, is the most thrilling aspect of travelling, to be completely afraid while venturing into the unknown and then to watch a new world unfold as the fear slowly slips from the forefront of your mind into the great abyss from whence it came…It’s almost spiritual in a sense.

3.) What are you most excited about for your upcoming trip?

Talking to all of you about what I experience, this will be my release from the great unknown; a simple action that will allow me to be, for a moment, connected with the world back home…and the food, dear god the food looks heavenly.

5.) How did the study abroad conversation go with your family?  Were they excited?  Scared?  Non-approving?

My family seems well adapted to having study  abroad students and I feel quite alright with this. Outside of the pleasantries the family seemed laid back and accepting, I am excited to meet them.


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