What is life anymore? Same old, same old… But different.

Briana Wright
Media Ethics in London
Major: Film, Video, and Media Studies

Being back in America has never felt so strange and old to me. London & Bath were amazing and wondrous and I will never forget the time I spent there (probably because I review it over in my head everyday) but, I feel as if I haven’t been gone more than a day because almost nothing has changed, something like I traveled to Narnia (but I know I didn’t because people have not stopped asking me about the trip and had I actually gone to Narnia nobody would have known and I would have been crowned queen..which..really, I would not mind happening one day). I think about the adventures I went on each day and probably all day. A few of the people in my group and I have gotten extremely close and we are finding out how similar we are.


It’s crazy how close an experience like this (travel and adventure) can really bring you so close to others.

What is probably blowing my mind the most is that just a couple of weeks ago, none of us really knew each other. We all led separate lives as separate people and had our own separate agenda’s. Nothing connected us. But the one thing that does connect us and always will, is that we all signed up to go on this trip and we went on it together. We all, though by different means, got here, stayed at the same place, had to figure out the tube, deal with travel mishaps, face the culture change and make it. And we will have that to share between the 10 of us forever. It’s hard to compare to another experience or feeling I have ever had, but it has to be something like the end of an action movie when, when the storm has calmed and the main characters walk out together..dramatically look at each other (exchanging knowing looks) smirk, and then something like a dramatic zoom in on THE main characters eyes happens and then the music begins and they all go back to regular life as heroes together…yeah..it feels something like that every time I see someone from the trip. But this is different because in the movies the screen shuts off and you throw your popcorn away and leave the characters to your mind and the theater..but what do you do when you are the character? And there was no popcorn, though there were croissants..lots of croissants. Well, I guess I will have to write my own ending to the story, or maybe it doesn’t have to end. A bunch of us are planning to reconnect and hang out, and since the trip I have hung out with a few of the people I was closer with (several times, we honestly can’t get enough of each other) so maybe a sequel to the adventure? I sure hope so! I am down to travel again and so are they! So until then!!!


Sincerely Briana Wright


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