Not Just Another Food Blog

By: Andrew Laws
Summer in Istanbul at Bogazici University
Major: Biology

Guten tag meine Freunde! This is your Bronco Abroad compatriot Andrew Laws and I am reporting to you from a comfy cafe table. The delicious cappuccino and chocolate croissant I’ve just been served have me in the right mind to blog. I’m fresh of the airplane from Austria and, after finally putting my two years of high school German to use, I can now say that I really should have payed attention during class a little more. However, I am not here today to tell you my study habits but to share with you a few of my favorite foods I’ve had while abroad.

In Turkey, my favorite is still the lamb chops that I had my first night in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite being jet lagged and ready for bed, our group decided to jump right into the local culinary scene. The restaurant, called Bosnjak, introduced us to to a wait staff that didn’t speak English and we got to point out which meat dishes we wanted. After hearing about the wonderful lamb that was often found around the Mediterranean, I put my faith in these rumors.  And were they right! The chops were cooked perfectly with a little char, lightly salted, and enough pink left in the center to be moist. Yum!


Greece was a beautiful country and the food was okay. While I had some good meals, including a Greek meat dish called souvlaki, my favorite food had to be their gelato. And, while Italy is known for its gelato, I doubt Italy has anywhere near the salesmanship that Greece does. The woman in the picture pulled me into her shop with the statement, “We have many more flavors!”, and she did. Needless to say, the hazelnut, tiramisu, and stracciatella cone I had was the reason for that smile on my face.


And finally, on to my favorite food during my travels. The Best-In-Show ribbon goes to the cordon bleu schnitzel I had in Austria. The little restaurant in the hills pan fried the schnitzel to perfection, served it while crispy yet not greasy, and kept the meat moist. To top it, they served it with a black currant jam that rounded out the flavor profile perfectly. Now to find some black currants once I return to Michigan and I can start trying to replicate this simple soul food.


Bon appetit for now my fellow Broncos Abroad!

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