Packing Thoughts en route to France

Grace Hall
Majors: Dance, Mathematics
Lyon Summer Program, France

Poke fun all you want, but packing is the most stressful thing ever. How am I supposed to know what I want to wear for four whole weeks?! What if I forget something? What if my mom was wrong and I do need my extra sweatshirt and a second swimsuit (just kidding Mom, you’re always right)?? As I sit in Kalamazoo, attempting to pack for my amazing adventure, all that runs through me is nervous excitement. This will be my third time traveling over seas, so I just can’t wait to return! I am so excited to immerse myself in the French culture and try not to look like a tourist for once! As I am preparing for my stay with my host family, a million questions run through my head. Will they be nice and outgoing? What kind of food will they make? Do they have a lot of active neighbors? Are they involved in a lot through out their community? My host mom has been quick to respond to my e-mails, so I am looking forward to lounging outside with all of the kids in the family by their pool! I am so excited to get to know them all and have a “family” across the Atlantic Ocean!

I definitely lucked out with a long, direct flight straight from Detroit to Paris!


Though the flight is long, I simply cannot wait to arrive in France. For those that know me, I study French, dance, and mathematics at Western…so basically I couldn’t decide what I wanted to pursue in college and decided to do it all. As my departure comes closer and closer I am doing more and more research for not only my program through Study Abroad, but also opportunities to grow in my dancing (I’ll keep the vacation for math for now!). Again this nervous excitement feeling is back. Will I be able to understand the combinations given in a dance class? Well not only my dance classes but what about my classes at the university?! What level will I be placed in? Will I know people in my classes?! Yes, as you can tell, I sort of like to know what is going on. And I always ask A LOT of questions. But I am so excited to figure out all of the answers to all of my questions and to experience the French culture with 7 years of French under my belt! France, here I come! À bientôt mes amis!


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  1. kaityhoward says:

    I hope you have a GREAT time in Paris! I’m actually studying abroad in Paris right now and am having an AMAZING time! You should check out my blog! I wrote a post about an awesome place by the Seine River where people go to dance on weeknights (Tino Rossi). It would be perfect for you!


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