Exercise in China

By: Angela Yarrell
Major: Mathematics, Secondary Teaching
Discover Beijing and Inner Mongolia, China

Can you imagine getting a great work out just by going to the bathroom? Well in China it’s very easy. With the sun always shining, constant hydration is a must, which comes with frequent trips to the bathroom. China has public bathrooms very different than America. They are similar to a urinal but flat on the ground requiring squats during each bathroom trip. I was very hesitant at first but I do love having toned legs and butt. Aside from bathroom trips exercise came naturally. From climbing the Great Wall, walking around the city and through gardens up hills. There were daily exercises with the students at the schools and even though I wasn’t up to it I could have joined the group workouts that took place on the streets. I loved having the city and daily activities as my gym rather than the traditional planet fitness.

Great Wall of China Photo Credit: Angela Yarrell
Great Wall of China
Photo Credit: Angela Yarrell

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  1. Squaty potties!! I live in China and every time I use one, my quads and glutes thank me hehe


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