Missing Germany

Katie Stewart
Major: Sales and Business Marketing in the Haworth College of Business
German Business and Culture

I have been home from Germany for about a month now, and reflecting on my experience has made me miss being abroad so much! I was anxious at the end of my trip to return back to the United States after being away from my family for a long period of time. Once I stepped off the plane and made way my through customs to my family, I quickly wanted to jump back on a plane and head back to Germany.

The thing I miss most about being in Germany is the overall experience I gained everyday doing different activities and constantly learning new things. I was able to widen my cultural lens to see how different the world is, and do things I would never get the chance to experience back home.  The history was incredible, and no matter where we went, we were always seeing something we had learned about, or learning something new.


A close runner up would be the food! I miss schnitzel like you wouldn’t believe. I have been searching all over Kalamazoo to find somewhere that serves schnitzel, and so far have been unsuccessful. I also still have a craving for the spargel soup we had in Bacharach, which I promise, I will be back for one day!

Reflecting back on my trip, I also realize how many people I was able to meet and connect with, not only from WMU, but Germany as well. We were able to meet students at the Uni Paderborn that we became close with after studying together for a week. It was a great experience to be able to spend three weeks with the same group of WMU students, and create friends that I will stay connected with!

Along with seeing my family, there were a couple things I was excited for when returning to the United States. Iced tap water would first, as surprisingly, it is not readily available in Germany. Second, even though I learned how to live without my cell phone, and it was great to have a break, having cell phone service again was very nice, and not having to rely on hostel wifi!

I am forever grateful that I was able to study abroad for a month in Germany, and will always hold this trip in my mind. I can’t wait to see where I travel to next after learning how to navigate in a foreign country!

Thanks, Katie


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  1. Zyriacus says:

    One of the main reasons for travelling is in my experience that it is the only possibility to return home. So is it really the “Fernweh” that leads us afar? or is it the “Heimweh” that drags us to our loved ones?


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