Joking with Dad before a Summer Journey

Focus on Health Care: Summer School Utrecht
Major: Biochemistry
Studying: Pediatric Oncology Nursing in Utrecht, Netherlands
By: Stephani Walters, Sophomore

When I told my dad that I was going to be studying abroad in the Netherlands, he was beyond excited. Even though I told him over the phone, I could practically feel his smile through the phone and imagine how goofy he must have looked. Now it’s only eight hours before my plane takes off for another country and he’s not nearly as giddy as he first was since realizing how fast the day has come! All morning we made jokes about why I couldn’t leave, “Oh, sorry Steph, they closed Canada. Looks like I can’t drive you to the airport and you’ll be stuck here with me” (Canadian flights are cheaper guys, FYI) and “I think all of our cars are gonna break down in an hour, sorry honey. It’s just not your day”.

Even though he’s starting to go into protective dad mode, he has been the biggest supporter of the journey I’m about to take. Whenever I told him about an event or activity I was getting excited for, (like the Tour de France, the beginning of which I get to see in person!) he got equally excited, somehow validating my tad bit ridiculous amount of enthusiasm. He also let me know what an amazing opportunity it was that lay before me and how I should take advantage of every moment. Because of this advice I plan to try every new thing I can and tell him the best stories possible when I get back home. Not only do I want to do everything under the sun for my own personal growth and experience, but also so I have cool stories for my dad when I return.

Because of my wonderful father and his reaction, I have two pieces of advice: One, make sure to share your pre-trip, joyous stupor with someone who will only make your excitement grow, and two, don’t procrastinate. I write this blog just 8 hours before I leave and that was probably not my best idea. I, however, am a very productive procrastinator so I think it will be ok! I have to pack my bags now (even more procrastination) but I will be sure to update you guys on the Tour de France, which is sure to be a highlight of my trip! Safe travels and a happy summer to all!

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