Arriving in London: Regent’s University

Regent’s University London, United Kingdom

Major: Advertising and Promotion in the Haworth College of Business

By: Katie Bell

It is very expensive (almost one-hundred dollars) to take a taxi to where my school is located from the Airport in London. I decided I would take the tube (or subway) to my new home instead (about ten dollars).  However, this idea kind of terrified me, I had never taken the tube before and was not sure how easy it would be. Even though I had directions of how to do this, I still asked the lady who sold me my oyster card just to make sure. (Oyster card is a ticket that allows you to use London subways, local trains, and buses) she reassured me I was on the right path, which helped put me as ease. In the end it was actually very easy to get around, however I do suggest packing lightly due to all of the stairs.

My host school looks amazing. It is in the middle of a Royal Park in the center of the city. Since it is located in one of the four royal parks the Queen is technically my landlady (landlord) although I have yet to see her walking around. My school is covered in ivy and has a very old fashioned feeling. My room is rather large and came equipped with its own bathroom. The only downside is all of the stairs.  I have to walk up four flights of stairs and then down half a flight to get to my hall. Once again, I suggest you pack lightly when traveling around Europe because stairs seem to be a thing here.

In addition to my school having an old fashion feel, London has one as well. Even thought it is a modern city, you still see cobblestone from time to time, medieval passageways, old building, and the cars usually have a rounder body shop much like cars from the 50’s.

In addition to being nervous about taking the tube, I was also pretty worried about making friends.  Yet, this task so far seems to be going very well. The school set up orientation to help the girls in my group meet each other.  This even was fun and also taught me a lot about the UK. My host school is small so there are only seven girls in my program. Although I hear during the school year the campus is overflowing with students. I kind of like having a small group though. It makes it very easy to get to know each other and I felt very comfortable fast.

So far my arrival in London is going very well. I have defeated the public transportation system, discovered a beautiful school, and made new friends. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me in the upcoming weeks.

Below is a picture of my school.

Regent's University Photo: Katie Bell
Regent’s University
Photo: Katie Bell



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