Lemon Ants Anyone?

Spanish in Quito, Ecuador

Major: Communications

By: Monica Gordon

Hola todo!

After being here for over a month I’ve been able to experience quite a lot of different foods. In Ecuador, there are four regions: the coast, the highlands, the rainforest, and the Galapagos Islands. Each with their own style of food and I’ve been lucky enough to have visited all regions except the Galapagos!

The coast: seafood, seafood, seafood. The coast is known for their delicious variety of fish, shrimp, and other little ocean creatures. Also, incorporated in the dishes are coconut, peanuts, lime, and plantains. The seafood can be a little iffy because it is left out all day in the sun, so I recommend trying it out first thing in the morning to be safe.

The highlands: a whole lot of pork, chicken, rice, and potatoes. Seriously every meal on the menu has one or more of those four items and nothing else. It’s not a bad thing if that’s what you like except it gets boring after while. I also noticed they don’t really season the food so it’s a little dry, but they do like salt a lot here, sometimes too much!

The rainforest: lemon ants. No I’m just kidding there’s more but when I visited the Amazon that was something I ate…unknowingly. Nuts, sugarcane, cocoa, avocado, eggplant, figs, and yams
are very common in this region. They are made into soups, grilled, or eaten plain.

Photo: Monica Gordon
Photo: Monica Gordon
Photo: Monica Gordon
Photo: Monica Gordon

With the four different regions they all have some things in common. Fruit juices of every fruit at every meal. Plus, the fruit juices are natural and you don’t even need to add sugar,
something I will miss back in the states. Also, they do not refrigerate milk, eggs, or basically anything. The fridges are always empty but the counters are full of food being prepped for later
in the day. My host mom leaves most of the food out overnight too, maybe that’s why a majority of foreigners get sick when they come here :/

My last recommendation for the food is to try cuy (guinea pig), I know it sounds terrible but it is a delicacy in Ecuador. Also, my favorite food here is Quimbolito, similar to a sweet corn bread. Ugh I’ll miss it so much when I return home.

Monica Gordon


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