Must do in Ecuador: Pichincha Volcano

Katrina Davidson
Instructional Designer
Spanish Language and Culture Experience for WMU Employees


Tuesday we went to the Pichincha Volcano. Wikipedia recalls facts better than I do so here you go…

  1. Peak in Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador
  2. Pichincha is an active stratovolcano in the country of Ecuador, whose capital Quito wraps around its eastern slopes. The two highest peaks of the mountain are Wawa Pichincha and Ruku Pichincha.
  3. Elevation: 15,696′ (4,784 m)
  4. Last eruption: 2004
  5. First ascender: Alexander von Humboldt
  6. Mountain range: Andes

We huffed and we puffed our way to autobus,

 Pichincha 1

then to a taxi and up the mountain we went, almost all the way that is…

Pichincha 3

Pichincha 2


To get all the way up we needed to hike or ride a gondola. As we pulled in storm was brewing and the gondolas were looking a little unsafe.

Pichincha 4


So we did the most sensible thing and waited for the storm to pass

Finally the storm passed and it was totally worth it!

Pichincha 5

Pichincha 6


Pichincha 7

Pichincha 8




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