German Language in Bonn, Germany

By: Joshua Place
Major: Global and International Studies
Bonn University, Germany

Academic life is a whole other world. Prior to studying abroad, students must take a placement test, which will later place them into their respected classes. If a class may appear too challenging or too easy, students can always switch. On top of that, there are workshops taught by other professors that are designed to help students with their weaknesses in German. And finally, after the “Einführungskurs” (orientation course) students are placed into other classes based upon their professor’s recommendations. I would say the biggest difference between university in the U.S. and in Germany is grade accessibility. At Western or even most universities in the U.S., one can easily go online and check their grades, but in Germany, or at least at Bonn University, you don’t find out what your grade is until the end of semester unless you ask your professor. And last but not least, from both personal experience and stories from friends, it is not uncommon to start thinking in German or accidentally forget an English word but know the German equivalent.

Taken by Brent Brock
Taken by Brent Brock in Bonn, Germany

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